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There are thousands of Nursery & Primary Schools all over Tamil Nadu. In general Nursery & primary schools have a tough time surviving due to the problems faced by the Government norms & procedures. In order to voice out their issues and to resolve their problems an association was formed under the name tag
Tamilnadu Self-Financing Nursery and Primary
School Managements Association
by Thiru.Lion Venus R. Chellappa and like minded persons on 11th November, 2010. This association holds a dynamic team of Correspondents from various N & P Schools across the city. The association was Subsequently registered on 15th December, 2010 with the registration number 275/2010.

TSPSMA provided a solid forum for all the N & P Schools in Tamil Nadu to raise their issues and to establish a standard in Primary education among all the schools. The first executive committee was formed under the firm and able leadership of Mr. Venus R. Chellappa, the General Secretary then.

The sole aim of this association was to revive the schools that are striving hard to establish and to provide a solid foundation so that the nursery and primary schools can continue their existence and grow in the positive direction.

In the early childhood education and the growth of a child Nursery & Primary School plays a vital role and it brings out the best in them as the N & P Schools concentrate in their overall development with regards to their scholastic and co- scholastic talents. Also there lies a great duty on each and every correspondent and teachers of all N & P schools to nourish each child with dedication & determination to teach quality education & discipline from the tender age. To achieve all these goals without any hindrance and to promote the importance of Nursery & Primary education in the society, our association plays as a proper representative body between the government and the general public..

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